Thrifty Thursday: Brights

29th March 2012

There once was a time in my life when my idea of a sale was the 10% off rack at Anthropologie.  Well, I stand before you today, a changed girl.  One day, I woke up and realized that I didn’t want to live in a mice-infested house as a trade off for having an amazing closet.  I guess that is what they call “growing up”.  On a mission to save money, but still have cute clothes, I set off to bargain shop.  I went in stores that, previously, I would have never given a second thought.  The result was quite rewarding.  I believe I even told my boyfriend “I will never buy expensive clothes again,” to which he replied, “can I get that in writing and have it certified?”  I don’t think I am quite ready to make that commitment yet, but I am a believer of bargain shopping.  Today, I give you the first edition of a weekly post that I will be calling Thrifty Thursday.  Here are a few of my recent bargain finds.

Dress: Old Navy | Shirt: Target | Pants: Target | Shirt: H&M (Similar) | Shirt: Old Navy

4 thoughts on “Thrifty Thursday: Brights

  1. Alyssa

    What I’ve learned in the past five mins from reading this is that you’re quite the fashionista and I’m jealous… also, you can find some cute things at Target – who knew!

    Looks great Amy!


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