Sunday Brunch

30th April 2012

This is what I wore to Sunday brunch.  This shirt is one of my “go-to” tops.  It’s oversized and comfy (my two favorite things in the world) but the lace detailing gives it just enough umph to not look sloppy.  I actually liked it so much that I went back to Free People and bought it in two more colors.  I do that a lot.  It’s a habit I am trying to break.  Do you think there’s a support group for that sort of thing?

Shirt: Free People | Sweater: TJ Maxx (Similar) | Jeans: Free People | Shoes: TJ Maxx | Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs | Watch: Michael Kors | Bracelet: Nordstrom Rack | Necklace: Mom’s vintage Monogram and Stella and Dot wishbone | Sunglasses: RayBan

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