“She could be a farmer in those clothes”

29th May 2012

This is what I wore today to run errands after work.  I originally had my hair in a side braid, but with the plaid shirt, started to feel like I had a little “down on the farm” look going on.  I kept thinking about Clueless when Tai first comes to school and Amber says “she could be a farmer in those clothes.”  I wonder what Amber would think of this outfit…

Shirt: J Crew Factory | Jeans: Genetic (same cut, different wash) | Shoes: Urban Outfitters | Bracelets: Norstrom Rack and JewelMint | Bag: Kate Spade

7 thoughts on ““She could be a farmer in those clothes”

  1. Ashley

    Loving the yellow. Immediately was super happy when I saw the title of your post. Clueless never gets old…



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