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The Six Month Challenge

31st May 2012

image from pinterest

I shop a lot.  Like, a lot a lot.  The thing is, I don’t even really like the act of shopping that much, I just like to have things.  I feel a little bratty and Veruca Salt-ish saying that (“I want it now!”) but it’s true.

A lot of people will say to their friends, “let’s go shopping,” and do so as a means to socialize and hang out.  This is not why I like to shop.  When I am in a store, I am on a mission to find and bring home as many things as I possibly can.  Think Supermarket Sweep but with clothes.  This is not okay.

In addition to going out shopping, I am constantly shopping online.  Aside from my usual stores, I receive daily emails from deal sites like Gilt and Ideeli.

In an effort to spend less money, I started to shop in less expensive stores (TJ Maxx, Old Navy, etc.) only to find that I just bought more.  Instead of buying two tops at Free People, I’d buy eight at TJ Maxx, spending the same amount of money.  This is also not okay.

“What’s wrong with that?”, you might ask, “sounds perfectly normal to me.”  You are right–this is normal (to people like us), but not when you are trying to save money.  See, I have some big plans in mind for myself, which (as most big plans do) involves a little bit (read: a lot) of money.  So, in order to save, I am going to stop shopping for six months…starting tomorrow.  Yes, you heard me correctly…six months.  This means no clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, jewelry, nothing!

I have been told by a certain someone that if I can do this, I might just receive something special on December 1.

Here’s to looking at my closet in a different light, pairing new things together that I usually wouldn’t and being more creative.  Wish me luck!

P.S. If at any point you get tired of seeing the same clothes or just feel sorry for me, please feel free to send any clothing donations my way.

Color Blocked

30th May 2012

I don’t think the people in my office quite understand my style.  I got some strange looks in this outfit today.  Hasn’t anyone ever told them that throwing together random colors that usually don’t match is the cool thing these days!?

Side note: I got this necklace on ebay for like $20 from Hong Kong.  I am pretty sure something shady is going on there, but I don’t care.

Shirt: Ann Taylor LOFT | Skirt: J. Crew Factory | Shoes: TJ Maxx | Necklace J. Crew via Ebay | Clutch: Hobo International (Similar)

“She could be a farmer in those clothes”

29th May 2012

This is what I wore today to run errands after work.  I originally had my hair in a side braid, but with the plaid shirt, started to feel like I had a little “down on the farm” look going on.  I kept thinking about Clueless when Tai first comes to school and Amber says “she could be a farmer in those clothes.”  I wonder what Amber would think of this outfit…

Shirt: J Crew Factory | Jeans: Genetic (same cut, different wash) | Shoes: Urban Outfitters | Bracelets: Norstrom Rack and JewelMint | Bag: Kate Spade